ISO Tank Production

Tank Container: The transportation sector has produced excellent solutions for the transportation of liquid materials. The tank container, which is preferred for the transportation of chemical products and many different products, draws attention as a sheltered system with a complete appearance. The tank container, which demonstrates its functionality in transporting barley, wheat and other grains in addition to fluid loads, is a safer option with its rectangular prism-shaped frame structure. The elements planned to be transported together with the frame created for a solid posture are delivered to the address in a much safer way. This can be considered as the main task of transportation.

Iso Tank Container: As the tank part forms an oval and round structure, the protective part on the edge allows the cargo to reach its address without any problems even at long distances. Iso tank container, which is an important material carrier of the chemical and food industry, has a really functional and modern system.

The steel case added later, has made this system a preferred method in sea transportation as well as being used on land and railways.

In addition to its advantages such as easy unloading and loading, opportunities really reveal how valid this system is. The fact that the products are filled with 95% is an important data in this type of container. In this way, it is possible to observe that the risks during transportation are eliminated as the shaking event is reduced. All security measures must be taken completely during transportation. The adequacy of the load case can also sometimes be of great importance.

The tank container, which supports the regular transportation of agricultural products and food sector support materials, attracts attention as a very useful transportation system part. can be used as.

It is possible to deliver all loads, which have a very strong body and with the help of steel-reinforced metal, to their address safely. The tank container really reflects a high level of technology in terms of usage as well as its loading and unloading advantages.